Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hi, Steampunker Guy!

Today I attended a festival down by the port just on the West side of the mountain my well was built on. There were bands and venders, and stores had had sales.
While I was there, I spotted a fellow in steampunk goggles carrying an ammo case, with an old style army hat and a matching green trench coat. He had an incredibly sharp nose and eyes that looked like they had been cut with a blade from stone (never before had I understood the description of "eyes cut from stone" until then), traced blotchily with eyeliner to resemble the lids of a cat. I complemented him on his goggles, a cool, tin pair with clear lenses. He eyed my pointed ears, and perhaps my black and white jester leggings emerging from the silver and blue satin bodice that had a sort of open skirt panels that extended to my a little past my hips, covering a pair of black gym shorts. He approached me as I watched the Celtic band on stage, the lead jumping and sweating as he sang. The steampunker asked my age. I told him, and he said, excitedly, that he was a year older than myself. Then he asked the gutfull question, "do you have a boyfriend?" I smiled, flattered, but said to him I had asked someone out two and a half weeks before.
It is not unheard of for humans to have interest sparked by us elves. He seemed nice enough. I regret not giving him this blog address after turning him down. It is nice to see someone else willing to dress up to what they like.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The days just keep passing

Life is so fast,
The days pass,
How long can this last?

     I can hardly believe it's June. It feels like it was just February. It seems that I should be doing more with my time. What have you been up to this summer?

     In other news, I was bitten by my tortoise today when I picked him up to keep him from eating my toes. I swear he's developed a taste for flesh. Though he is an herbivore, he chases me with the most ferocious determination just so he can bite me. A tortoise bite is like a strong pinch or getting clipped by a pair of blunt scissors. In the past, he has removed a small plug of skin from my fingertip. I've never seen another tortoise act like this; he is one of a kind. This photo was taken about two hours after the bite.

~Evie Rooks

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Introduced Invasive Quadruped, or, Professor Mittens

So my sister found a stray cat,
and she is allergic at that.
With the fur of a soft kitten,
we call her Professor Mittens.
But I prefer Introduced Invasive Quadruped.
Well cats like to play with frogs,
Like chew toys for dogs.
And I like the frogs,
all snug in their bogs.
Same goes for the birds,
not used to the species merge,
of household feline and woodland.
So before you let your cat out,
be sure to cast about,
for local animals who may become dinner.
For the more cats we have,
the outdoors will grow drab,
as the death toll grows bigger and bigger.
Keep your feline indoors,
entertain him with s'mores,
what ever is necessary to keep him off the prowl.
Be sure to adopt,
bring over population to a stop,
and always spay and neuter.

     Because both my dad and my sister are allergic to cats, we will not be keeping Professor Mittens, or as I like to call her, Introduced Invasive Quadruped. Not that I have anything against cats, Mittens is extremely sweet and playful and nice, but she is also playing with the frogs that live around the wishing well. This I will not have.
     Monday I will be calling around the local veterinary clinics and animal shelters to see if she has an owner. If not, I will be surrendering her to a local no-kill shelter. This is obviously an indoor cat. No doubts. She is also very skinny. She would be happier at a shelter than out here. I have been giving her enough food to get her by so she doesn't go after a chicken, but not quite enough for her to settle. Hopefully she has a loving owner who will be ecstatic to be reunited with her.
~Evie Rooks