Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Write a little of Nothing

Okay, honestly, how many of you out there have just sat down and written something about nothing? Nothing isn't the space between atoms (though it very well can be). Nothing can refer to those estranged half-remembered nightmares and dreams. Nothing can be fragmented childhood memories, patched together in a scrap-booky autobiography. Nothing can be the air in your lungs just after it rains, or the way the water runs off the car window pane on the drive home from school. Nothing can be your nightly habitual buzz of what ever you are so fondly rooted to with routine. It can be the OCD with which you apply your mascara with the equal number of strokes on both eyes.
Writing nothing is easy. Begin with the first words that come to mind, and end with the last. Writing nothing can take as long or as short as it needs to. The only hard-set rule is that you know when it's done.

I believe writing a little bit about nothing every day strengthens the writer's eye. I am a proud writer of Nothing.

~Evie Rooks

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