Thursday, May 30, 2013

Film progress update

   I am still collecting found-dead bugs for my stop animation short about a bug with a big, hurt heart.
   As for my abstract film, I don't know if I will be finishing it. I don't exactly know what I planned to accomplish with something so without a plot. I have been inspired by the make up I used to shoot a version of a scene from William Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale. I had rushed at the beginning of filming this, with the hope of entering it in a film festival. With the deadline fast approaching, IJ decided to submit a stop-animation screen test instead. The story to this test is a wire-and-clay stick figure is trying to reattach it's leg.
   I'll know if I got in by August first. Oh, how I hope the weeks pass quickly!
            (Quickly and productively, that is.)

~Evie Rooks

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