Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Strange Happenings in the Woods

Scene 1 screen-shot depicting my leading and only actress.
Scene 1 screen-shot depicting the actress's make up.
   Today I started shooting my next abstract film. This one should be about an hour and fifty minutes in length, and will be edited in imovie since I have yet to update my editing system. I used three cameras and a microphone left rolling, and did it all in one continues shot. Unfortunately, I did not think to check the SD cards to see if they all worked. I only own two, and had to borrow couple from family. One of them turned out to be corrupted, bringing me down to the two cameras for this scene. Wish I had known that before shooting!
   Now I am trying to upload the twenty-minute long 10mp clip from my canon powershot sx10 IS. So far, it refuses to upload that one particular clip (everything else loaded fine though). This is my best camera, thus my main one. I will continue to try to upload this clip, and hope I can find a better way at uploading. The next two shots I will be doing are an half hour and an hour long, so if it's size that's the problem, I'd better fix it now.

~Evie Rooks

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