Wednesday, April 10, 2013

If I Were an Earthworm...

Earthworm, earthworm, watch it dig!
Stirring the earth beneath fallen twigs!
Earthworm, earthworm, watch it eat!
Creating nourished soil beneath my feet!
Earthworm, earthworm, watch it crawl
out of the flooded wormhole town!
Earthworm, earthworm, watch it wiggle!
Look at the child's face, watch her giggle!
Earthworm, earthworm, mud-eating-dirt-worm,
eats only compost and hurts no others!

Today I was asked again the classic question of "What animal would you be?" I love this question, because animals truly have amazing abilities (not suggesting humans or elves aren't animals) and have a totally different impact on the world around them.
I as a child I often wished to be a shape-shifter. Though I do have limited shape-shifting abilities, as you will see through out this blog as it is written, I could never change my form enough to be considered a different animal.
The animal I would be if I were not an elf (or zombie, or daemon, or fairy...) then I would be an earthworm.
Yes, earthworm. Rarely do people ask my reason, though. So I will post it here, for I think it is a good one.
Earthworms do not kill anything in order to survive. Instead, they consume decomposing organic matter that has already died, thus harming no creature to survive while giving nourishment to plants.
Yes, there would be perils; I could get eaten, I could drown in a rain storm, I could get stepped on by a clumsy-or-cruel human after escaping my flooded hole, I could die in the heat on the sidewalk after a rainstorm. But wouldn't it be great to live a life where you harmed nothing, but only helped to thrive? This may seem silly, but judging by the consumerism in the human species, particularly some populations (not gonna point fingers, America) it seems like it could be a real contrast to life as we know it.
And, let's face it, they are really cool. The way they move, they way they dig, right down to their weird soft-rubbery skin. Just... so cool.
I wonder what life looks like from an earthworm's perspective?

~Evie Rooks

What kind of animal would you be and why? Post your answers in the comments.

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