Sunday, April 21, 2013

When angry sports fans call your name

   Last night I went to the last home game of my local hockey team with my sister and parents. I had never been to game before, not being the team-sport type myself. Through a combination of giveaways and coupons, we aquired 3 free tickets and were seated eight rows up from behind the goal.
   Now my sister, having always shown more interest in sports, wants to learn hockey. I'm not sure how that's gonna go. Sometimes I wonder if she's fragile or a dramaqueen, or that I was a lot tougher at her age. She just seems to hurt easily.
   The game was more entertaining than I expected. There were some fights on the ice, the first of which looked staged. Little kids bopped for the big screan, about two or three per stand standing up and rocking out.
   The bruiser on the visiting team's last name was the same as my first. This rendered it quite humorous for me when the middle-aged sports moms' sitting behind us along with others across the stadium started chanting our name. I couldn't help but to laugh when they started shouting "I've got a pretty pink dress for you!" and "you suck!"
   But, like the dancing frog from the Looney-Toons cartoons (my mother's association), every time I had my smart phone out to get a recording of the chanting to use as a ring tone, they stopped! I don't think it was because they saw me trying to record. Entirely to do with the timing of things.
~Evie Rooks

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