Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Side Panel Flair Jeans

   I made these jeans a couple of years ago with a pair of clearance rack skinny jeans and a quarter yard of faux tiger-print suede. I have always gotten complements on them, and now you can to by following these simple instructions!

What you will need:
Jeans (if using skinny jeans, you can get them 1-2 sizes bigger for more material in the legs, and wear a belt with them)
quarter yard of fabric for the panel
sewing machine or needle and thread

  1. Cut the outer seam of your pant leg. Go up as high as you like. I went about two inches above the knee. This is the space where the fabric panel will be added. Repeat on the other side.
  2. Cut a triangle/trapezoid of the fabric of your choice. You want it to extend from the top of the cut-out seem to the bottom hem (with an extra inch of the panel material) of your pant leg. Figure out how wide you want your flare to be by opening the cut seam to the width you desire. Cut your panel to the proper width, plus an extra half inch on either side. You should have a triangle/trapezoid. Repeat a second time for other pant-leg.
  3. Sew and hem the panels in place. Be sure to turn your jeans inside-out while sewing if you do not want exposed hems.
  4. Strut the streets in your newest & coolest pair of jeans!

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